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Rev. Lisa Brenner would consider herself a seeker. Having always felt the spiritual pull, she studied throughout the USA on
topics such as forgiveness as the way to freedom, healing the inner child, empowerment and the body mind connection. Lisa is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds certifications in Attitudinal Healing and Empowerment. She facilitates Woman’s Retreats, Visioning workshops and is a Course in Miracles teacher and long-time student. She is a Certified Professional Coach and in 2012 completed her training at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.

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Kyanne graduated from UMUC with a Bachelor of Science in  Psychology and Business. Her focus is positive psychology and helping others develop healthy, meaningful and fulfilling lives.  Kyanne is impassioned by the holistic revolution and intuitive consumption and is an advocate for organic and earth friendly practices.

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Reiki Master

Adrianne Rhine is a certified Reiki Master with certificates in Kundalini and Medical Reiki. Adrianne has established her career as a reiki practitioner by focusing on the client's individual needs and utilizing ancient healing modalities. Adrianne's use of the healing arts provides a unique deeply healing experience for her clients. Adrianne's method of tapping into the clients energy pathways and finding the areas that need alignment has proven to be effective.  Adrianne has extensive experience working with trauma, anxiety and substance abuse. Her services are utilized by all ages. She has found success in helping others achieve their professional goals as well as students finding focus and athletes achieving great success on and off the field. Her philosophy is that the Divine lives within each of us and when our mind, body and spirit are aligned we find joy and purpose.


Reiki Master

For over a decade, Kathy has been practicing Reiki. Soon after discovering Reiki, her passion for the healing art led her to become certified as a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki rounds out her holistic approach to health and wellness, with Reiki's energy healing supporting the body, mind and immune system.
Kathy is a Registered Nurse who has worked in Hospice for over twenty years, incorporating Reiki into her nursing practice. 
Kathy also incorporates elements of Reiki into her yoga practice and owns her own studio. She often uses tools such as crystals and essential oils to deepen the experience. 
Both Yoga and Reiki have helped her in her nursing practice, and in her own life - to sharpen her attention and concentration and to remain calm in the most trying situations.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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