Getting the Job Done Right



Rev. Lisa Brenner would consider herself a seeker. Having always felt the spiritual pull, she studied throughout the USA on topics such as forgiveness as the way to freedom, healing the inner child, empowerment and the body mind connection. Lisa is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds certifications in Attitudinal Healing and Empowerment. She facilitates Woman’s Retreats, Visioning workshops and is a Course in Miracles teacher and long-time student. She is a Certified Professional Coach and in 2012 completed her training at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.




Kyanne graduated from UMUC with a Bachelor of Science in  Psychology and Business. Her focus is positive psychology and helping others develop healthy, meaningful and fulfilling lives.  Kyanne is impassioned by the holistic revolution and intuitive consumption and is an advocate for organic and earth friendly practices.



Massage Therapist

Meghan is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, LMT. Her work is rooted in the belief that there is great potential, power and wisdom within us all and that healing is always possible if and when we are open and ready to receive. Through a variety of modalities and techniques, Meghan works from a space of honoring the needs and desires of each individual while incorporating intuitive guidance and drawing upon her years of educational and professional experience. Whether you are in need of relief from stress or anxiety, are dealing with new aches and pains, have chronic discomfort or just want to find a deeper, more pleasurable experience of being in your body and greater connection to your Self, Meghan will help support you in your journey. Among Body Work, Meghan is also available for spiritual counseling, meditation instruction and chakra balancing sessions. Among her work as healer, Meghan is a 500 hr Registered Yoga Instructor as well and can be found at Peace Yoga instructing numerous classes throughout the week.